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Yes, Invest In Property, But Do It The Right Way!

You may be considering investing in property. Maybe you want to have a home of your own. Yes, your own! Yet still, you may be thinking of buying or building a property you can let. Why not? Or you may be interested in buying and selling property. Splendid!

But, what really interests you? What are you passionate about?
Whatever the case, investing in property is truly an interesting prospect.

Here are some useful tips you may need to consider before putting those hard-earned shillings in real estate.... Read Full Story

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Home Ownership: Should You Buy or Build?

Getting to own a home is an exciting experience. Nay, it is magical. Just ask anyone who owns a home today. What you learn will amaze and jolt you into action.

Now imagine receiving the keys to your dream home from the contractor or the seller. You insert and turn the key. The door opens smoothly. Your eyes quickly sweep across the sitting room. Oh, yes! You nod as you appreciate what you see. Overwhelmed by emotions, you remain rooted to the spot. You are taking it all in, believing and not believing at the same time. You finally accept that it is, indeed, your new home. You have arrived where you wanted to be.

Isn’t that a truly magical moment? Now, how do you want to get there? Do you want to buy a ready house? ... Read Full Story

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The World's Leading Real Estate Franchise is Looking for Partners in Kenya

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