1. When was RE/MAX founded?  

Dave and Gail Liniger founded RE/MAX in Denver, Colorado in 1973, prompted by their dissatisfaction with the way real estate was conducted. Today, RE/MAX has more than 93,000 agents in over 90 countries. The network's streamlined management system means problems are anticipated, and decisions are implemented quickly, efficiently and effectively to help you sell real estate.

2. What does the RE/MAX business model look like?

RE/MAX has assembled a wealth of business-building systems and resources, including global brand awareness, on-demand training and education, global lead-generation systems and leading-edge technology. These valuable resources become available on your first day at RE/MAX and were designed to help you grow your business.

3. Can I alienate my franchise license and business? 

It is a standard procedure in franchise that any possible party entering your business has to be approved by RE/MAX. 

4. Does the licensing system require previous estate agency experience? 

No, everything you will have to know about real estate can be found within the RE/MAX system. In fact, we do have as many successful Franchisees without any previous real estate experience as we have former real estate professional on board. However, having previous experience in the real estate business might help you to set up your business in a shorter time.

5. What is the realistic working capital needed? 

By guess, you will need an amount of approximately USD 20,000. The figure consists of the following components: Franchise fee and training as well as initial ICT support. Over and above that, the other costs will be office fitting, working capital for the start-up phase of the and fixed ongoing costs of your company.

6. What is the duration of my Franchisee contract?

The duration of the agreement is five years, renewable.

7. What royalties do I have to pay?

The royalty structure will be discussed during a personal meeting.

8. What territories are available at the moment?

Please check our website or directly contact the RE/MAX Kenya Regional Office. 

9. Will you help me to launch my business?

Yes. Our experience and specific marketing tools available will ensure the successful launch of your business.

10. What ongoing operational support is given to a Franchisee?

An experienced and supportive corporate team ensures your access to all the RE/MAX expertise to get your business on a firm basis.

11. What training is offered?

RE/MAX University offers an extensive Internet-based training program. More than 1,200 educational videos are available 24/7 on-demand. That is, on your TV, mobile device or computer. Through RE/MAX University, offices and agents gain access to education on virtually every facet of real estate productivity.

12. Do I have to work full time on the business?

A successful office will need full time attention. This might of course be covered by the franchisee or a manager of his/her choice.

13. Can I see a copy of the Franchise Agreement prior to signing? 

The franchise agreement will be discussed with you in detail. After signing a confidentiality agreement, we will discuss the contract personally.