About RE/MAX

Why Join RE/MAX?

The RE/MAX franchise system never comes to a standstill but is under continuous development while adapting perfectly to the respective market conditions. The starting point for this is the “Rainmaker Concept”.

The advantage to RE/MAX brokers is the fact that we offer you optimal support for your franchise project while it is developing: sales seminars, script training sessions for agents and the unique RE/MAX Advantage System are powerful tools to help you succeed against the competition.

Progressive Support

Strong brands have the tendency to ease the buying decision, offering consumers quality service and consistency. Across the continent, RE/MAX is recognized by home buyers as a quality brand. This is due to the many efforts of RE/MAX and its marketing and communication measures.


Always reaching the widest audience. With the sponsoring activities of RE/MAX Europe, Broker/Owners and Sales Associates benefit from an increasing brand awareness through the steady sponsorship of many international sporting events.


RE/MAX offers regular participation at award nights, Sales Associate meetings, sales rallies and regional and international conventions. This ensures the kind of dynamic energy that is generated by joint success.

Advertising & Creative

Provides materials to support Broker/Owners in recruiting Sales Associates and help Sales Associates gain listings and sell homes.

Press & PR

Includes the collection and distribution of business-related articles as well as press releases, news on sponsorships, press conferences and contacts with regional and pan European media.

Franchise Sales & Business Development Support.

Leadership, focus, hard work and proven systems make a franchise successful. This is why the RE/MAX principle works: it was designed from the outset to solve fundamental brokerage/management challenges regardless of the business cycle.

Deceptively simple, the RE/MAX concept grows increasingly difficult for others to duplicate: Offer the commission structure that top agents want. Provide the training and motivation they need. Treat them as your lifeblood. Deliver legitimate leads. Be part of a brand that compels the public –and your competition – to think, „the best“.

RE/MAX experience, productivity and market power are recognized worldwide. But even more important is the true heart of the concept: a powerful leadership and management system that continues to elevate RE/MAX today – just as it has for more than 37 years.

RE/MAX Europe offers cutting edge business development to ensure success. Training sessions are customized to specific regional needs and to teach how to maximise profits and exercise one’s potential. Some of the programmes have been designed to meet the needs of those building a new real estate agency, while others are aimed at those with previous experience.

Training, Online Training, Share Best Practice

RE/MAX always wants you to win. To reach this goal, we offer continuous education and advanced designation courses for everyone to achieve their personal goals. Since consistent performance implies constant training, online training programmes administer a variety of on-demand education. Broker/Owners benefit from resources devoted to continuous success, while Sales Associates receive up to date training from the best Sales Associates and coaches. Furthermore, regularly scheduled multi-region business development meetings are held. These meetings serve to exchange successful ideas and business plans because the entire RE/MAX network in Europe benefits by learning from best practice samples.


RE/MAX continuously invests in technology to guarantee that market information is available to every RE/MAX Broker/Owner and Sales Associate in Europe. Our exclusive software suites are perfectly equipped to serve all levels of membership, whether Agents, Broker/Owners or Regional Directors. The real estate and business software, contact and listing software, Internet and Intranet systems, and the central referral system pave the way to success: these innovations greatly contribute to RE/MAX Europe’s steady growth, revolutionizing the way real estate is bought and sold in Europe.

The RE/MAX online service tools accelerate the daily tasks of RE/MAX Associates within Europe to assist them in efficiently serving their customers. Also provided is a pan European service base (a listing manager software program) that electronically uploads all listing data to one point, thus enabling Sales Associates to share listing information, ideas, referrals, strategies and marketing. Accessible by Brokers/Owners and Sales Associates alike, 24 hours a day, in any language, it provides information to all agents across the continent.