About RE/MAX

RE/MAX - A History of Success

Started by two real estate agents in their twenties with a pen and pad in 1973 to the global organization that exists today, RE/MAX supports almost 100,000+ sales associates in 98+ Countries.


RE/MAX is born. Dave and Gail Liniger, two 20-something real estate agents from Denver, Colorado, decide to develop a new real estate concept. They created RE/MAX - an acronym for "real estate maximums" - a system that encourages quality real estate salespeople to realize and develop their outstanding business potential.


RE/MAX is growing! With a team of 42 Sales Associates , Gail and Dave Liniger decide to take the leap to next step to make RE/MAX the success they envisioned. They mortgage their assets and dedicate themselves to working around the clock.


A huge company milestone when the first RE/MAX franchise is established outside of Colorado.


Only 4 years after this innovative real estate concept is developed the RE/MAX team is now up to 500 Sales Associates.


On its 5th birthday, RE/MAX boasts 1,000 Sales Associates and launches its first widely recognised trademark - the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon. And still to this day the Hot Air Balloon trademark is well known all over the world.


RE/MAX grows beyond the US borders. Two Canadians - Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider contact Dave Liniger they want to bring RE/MAX to Eastern Canada. Liniger agrees, and RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada is born.


Within two years the number of RE/MAX Sales Associates quickly triples. There’s now a total of 3,000 RE/MAX Sales Associates..


The number of RE/MAX Sales Associates skyrockets to 20,000 and RE/MAX becomes the No.1 real estate organization in Canada.


RE/MAX expands further with the opening of RE/MAX offices in the Caribbean.


RE/MAX illustrates its interest in assisting the community and local neighbourhoods by becoming the sole real estate sponsor for the Children's Miracle Network. The Children's Miracle Network is an organisation that supports children's hospitals across North America.


RE/MAX makes that big jump and "travels across the pond" to Europe.


RE/MAX continues to grow world wide as the familiar RE/MAX sign begins to appear in real estate offices in Spain and South Africa.


The RE/MAX network takes a bigger hold of the European marketplace with Italy, Israel, and Germany joining the “Above the Crowd” real estate experts.


RE/MAX celebrates it quarter century birthday with 48,000 Sales Associates in 2,900 offices around the world. RE/MAX's global reach now extends toAustralia, Singapore, Turkey, the Southern United Kingdom and Ireland.


The Netherlands and Greece join the RE/MAX Network.


Prior to the new millennium Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and southern France join the RE/MAX Network.


The year 2000 is celebrated with Norway and Iceland joining the team and spurring RE/MAX growth to over 57,467 sales associates in 3,422 offices in 32 countries on six continents.


RE/MAX continues its continuous upward growth trend. The RE/MAX network can be found in 38 countries with more than 69,825 sales associates in4,159 offices worldwide.


RE/MAX in Europe grows up to 606 offices with 2,052 sales associates in 17 countries. RE/MAX Arabian Peninsula headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia established.


Croatia, Denmark and Malta join the network and RE/MAX hits the 1,000 sales associates mark in Europe.


With RE/MAX signs in the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia, RE/MAX undoubtedly is the fastest growing real estate franchising company in Europe.


Poland, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia are the latest addition to RE/MAX in Europe. We are now present in 35 countries with more than 10,000 sales associates in over 1,500 offices across Europe. Globally RE/MAX counts almost 1,00,000 sales associates in more than 65 countries.


RE/MAX is in more than 75 countries.


RE/MAX has now more than 7,000 independently owned offices, with over 90,000 agents in 85 countries worldwide.


The familiar red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon can now be found in more than 85 countries around the world, marking an international presence greater than any real estate network.


RE/MAX Kenya is born. And we are here to stay. And be the very best!!