The RE/MAX Kenya Facts

The RE/MAX franchise system never comes to a standstill but is under continuous development while adapting perfectly to the respective market conditions. The starting point for this is the “Rainmaker Concept”.

The advantage to RE/MAX brokers is the fact that we offer you optimal support for your franchise project while it is developing: sales seminars, script training sessions for agents and the unique RE/MAX Advantage System are powerful tools to help you succeed against the competition.

The RE/MAX Kenya Corporate Video


With RE/MAX Kenya you play premier league.

Agents profit from a system that has been successful around the world for decades. Geo farming concepts, professional market reporting approaches, objection handling scripts, top sales training, listing presentation tools and 24/7 access to the RE/MAX Advantage concept ensure that RE/MAX agents are perfectly equipped for all the challenges in the marketplace.

The RE/MAX Kenya Customer Experience

About 600 million people need a home. For RE/MAX this means 600 million opportunities. This is accompanied by the goal of being better than all the others every time. Each RE/MAX customer has the right to receive the best possible service and the best possible selection. But this can only work when our brokers and agents are the best in their markets.

The RE/MAX Kenya Maximum Commission Model

We want our agents to invest in their own companies because we are convinced that this is the best motivation for our partners. This is precisely what the RE/MAX Maximum Commission Model enables. Each successful closing with RE/MAX results in a maximum gain for one’s own company.

“The RE/MAX Kenya Advantage” program

This comprehensive program ( gives our brokers and agents the best possible support, namely business development, online training and education. Client data, seminars, advertising documents, sales tips, recruitment strategies and much more are available round the clock seven days a week.

RE/MAX University

To guarantee consistency and up to date delivery in the training standards across RE/MAX, the RE/MAX University has been established to provide exactly that – ongoing training and continuous education throughout the year for your Trainers. The RE/MAX University has its own YouTube channel and soon to come, its own public website. The idea is to create a communication platform for our trainers, coaches and suppliers. In addition, this website will also inform the general public on the career path available at RE/MAX to real estate professionals. This will help you to invite young educated people to consider a career in real estate.

RE/MAX Kenya is changing the way real estate is sold in Kenya

The RE/MAX cooperation model has already proven to be successful around the globe. And we are consistently moving forward. This means that RE/MAX brokers and agents will continue to play an even greater role in the market – if for no other reason, due to their outstanding training. Customers rely on premium service. Thus RE/MAX will continue to invest in quality in all areas to gain customers through quality.